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Top 3 Jobs that will be replaced by AI in the Near Future (and 3 that are safe)

It’s in human nature to fear of the unknown. Whether it’s a fear of a journey to another continent, changing a work or towards Artificial Intelligence.

“Don’t be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense. Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.” — Carlos Ruiz Zafón

On the other hand, without people who were a bit less afraid to try uncertain things, we would not have made such great progress.

In terms of AI the progress is tremendous. As a result, in the near future more and more jobs are going to be replaced by robots. This will inevitably force many to move out of the comfort zone and acquire new skills.

Note: if you want to develop your own AI models you can check this article, article or this article.

Who should start building new skills right away?

1. Taxi/truck drivers

Almost all major tech companies are working on autonomous driving nowadays. The potential gains are enormous, so there’s no doubt drivers will be replaced by AI soon.

2. Cashiers

There will be no such thing as a checkout machine in a shop. Cashiers will become more like advisors then.

3. Telemarketers

Even currently, Natural Language Processing enables to build a bot that may sound and “understand” like a human.

3 professions that are (relatively) safe:

1. Scientists (of different kind)

More and more computational powers, AI, data and quantum computing are going to enable to work on many new domains. This will create a lot of new job opportunities.

2. Programmers (of different kind, but mostly AI/ML, data)

The world becomes more and more technologically advanced and someone has to develop new solutions and maintain current infrastructure.

3. Artists/athletes

More free time and guaranteed income will allow people to focus on more “fun” activities and high demand will require more jobs.



You can check your profession scoring on this page.

You can enter a job title like: cashier, and you get a score of replacing cashier by AI where 100% means it is replaced and 0% means that AI cannot replace the job.

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